Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Kalingag (Cinamomum mercadoi vidal Laurace)

picutres taken from www.google.com

A Kalingag tree is medium in sized, fissures or cracks and its covered irregularly with corky postules , which give it slightly rough appearance. The leaves of kalingag are smooth, opposite, elliptical, 7-14 cm long and 3-6.5 cm wide; apex is acute, tip of a leaf is rounded; texture is lethery; both faces are glabrous, the upper is shiny white the lower has a glouccous ochre bloom.

Medicinal use:
• The bark when masticated and taken internally, helps digestion.
• It is also used for flatulence (gas accumulation in the alimentary canal and as an expectorant).
• It is also used for tuberculosis and as a relieves or cure for headaches and rheumatism.