Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Agoho (Casuarina equisetlifolia L. Cauanrinaceae)

picture taken from www.google.com

Agoho is large tree reaches 20 meters high, with a 65-cm diameter, the crown is norrow pyramid its appearance. The outer stem of agoho is color brown to dark brown and the stems of this tree are rough. The inner part of the stem is light and the taste is bitter. The leaves are actually reduced to small sheaths on the needle-like branchlets.

Medicinal value and used:
• The bark of agoho is used to boil in water, the herbs of agoho used to stimulate blood flow of the pelvic area and uterus. It is helpful for hemoptysis (expectoration of blood from some part of the respiratory tract) and also ad excellent astringent.
• The outcome flavor of the stem tonic.
• The stem of the agoho tree used of arrest diarrhea and dysentery
• The powder of the stems is prescribed for pimples on the face.
• The lotion of the agoho is used for beriden.
• The boiled stems of the tree is used as lotion for swellings.
• The leaves of the agoho tree is used for colic (spasm. Or twisting or abdominal pain)